sexta-feira, 24 de julho de 2009

I have a Friend

I have a friend in India. Her name is sumana. We met at orkut about 2 years ago.
She entered at one comunity i made called "I love jazz and blues". We both enjoy jazz and blues.

Since that time, we talk everytime we met at the net. She is a lovely person. A great woman. She is that kind of person who talks about everything. I really love to talk to her.

She teached me a lot of stuffs about the hindus. She Gave me a lesson about the hindu's mithology. She talked to me a lot of things about India that i didn't know.

We talk about many things. She is a good friend of mine. She was with me online when i knew about the result of the master at the FAJE. She rejoiced with me about my new job.

To me it's really fantastic have this kind of relationship with a person so geograficly distant, but at the same time so near.

Sumo, this post is for you. Thanks for your friendship, for your talk, your lessons, your jokes.
Thanks for all !!!!!