quinta-feira, 1 de julho de 2010

Who knows?

I never saw you live in front of me

The only way i talk to you is from Gtalk and facebook

It has been 4 years

But something is pretty interesting

I was worry while you at a hospital

I was suffering with your suffering.

But how could this happened with someone i never saw except from internet?

How people become important to us?

You are important to me, my dear friend from internet.

You are important to me, my dear friend from Índia

And I hope you could have great days,

Days full of daises, roses,

Days of joy, and days of love, days you could remember for all your life

Who knows, if someday we gonna be able to meet with other?

I can imagine that day. It will be a great day.

No matter if will be here or there.

Will be a day of joy.

Will be a day to remember for the rest of our lives.

No one know where or when it will happen, if will happen, but i truly hope a meeting someday.

Maybe we go for a walk, take a good cup of coffee, or maybe some beer, or some juice,

and talk about the same things we`ve been talking through these 4 years,

But that day, we will talk looking for with other.

Who knows ?