sexta-feira, 26 de março de 2010

I'll be happy for you

But are you leave the sadness behind you ?
Will your heart be conforted with all these words you eat every day?
Will you find your shelter ? Will you find what you looking for?

Oh if all our sadness were a little question of time
If the time were the solution to all of ours troubles all the things would be resolved
nothing else could bring these problems he took away back.
But i’ve learned that time is a great pal, but also a great enemy
That he sometimes bring us hope, but also bring us despair

I think that the time we share with others are the best time we could ever get
But we, many times, forget that and preffer to close in ourselves and don’t let anybody come inside to help in the darkness that surround us.

I think that the time we live today is more like a “solitary time”.
We don’t share, we don’t want this.
We preffer to live in a superficial level with anybody else.
How sad is this? I don’t know.
All I know, is i don’t wanna live like this.
I wanna share. I wanna live in a world people share things. Not only silly things, but things that matter.

But in superficial waters is stupid try to get deep swiming.
Be in silence is not a question of wisdom every time.
That’s something i’ve learned.
I hope you discover this, and when you do, i’ll be happy for you.