quinta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2009

Vanité des Vanités

What happened with us?
Why do you seem so far from me?
Where are our talks?
Where are the cumplicity we had?
Why the silence reigns upon us like a despotic king?
Where are the preciousity of the company?
Why the hours seem so long
Why the nights are so cold?
So empty?
Why this emptyness botters me?
Why this feeling that the "nothing" is my friend?
I'm so tired, so many things to do, so many compromises,
Wish I could stop. Wish i could feel again the happiness i had when i was with you.
Time is ticking, our time is ticking with him
How can we restore our moments?
Some people say we should pray
Some people say we should look for help
Some people say nothing (the most)
Maybe the most are the worst.
Maybe if at least some people listened to me
If they at least asked me something
Not that i would tell something, but at least i'd know that somebody care, as i know you care.
it's pity that our society forbid the most of the questions...


Maybe there is any hope.
Maybe little moments of joy help us to see the life with different eyes
And, as Jesus in some moment said: The eyes are the light of the body. If they are good, the entire body would be luminous.

I could say i'm trying to have different eyes
trying to see the situacion as a learning of something.
Trying to see this world we created as a fase.
Maybe a permanent fase.

I don't want attention from strangers, i don't need pity eyes on me
I just need to know that you are here for me, no matter what, no matter when or where.
Your presence makes me feel good, makes me feel alive, makes me feel fine.
Please don't go away. Don't let me go away.

I don't have all the answers, probably i never will.

Please stay !